Dear friends,

It´s time to say good bye. I believe that if we continue this way we will cause irrevocable damage to many other people for a long time to come, and therefore I do not wish to continue anymore. I ask you to respect my decision, please continue your lives alone. And try to remedy at least some of the damages we caused by teaching people and helping them to find happiness in life. I know now that what we did was wrong, acting divinely and misleading those poor peasant.

We have had good times together and many laughs. For example that time when I claimed that I had resurrected a dead man while Peter was wearing his funeral custume and walking around. And when we claimed to have fed hundreds with two breads and five pieces of fish, when actually bought piles of food from fishermen a day earlier. The best practical joke of them all was to heal already healthy people. I bet nobody knew how we did it.

I have asked one of you to arrange my departure. He will stage my exit and help me to escape safely to Egypt. I pledge you hide my departure to cover my new identity and destination by informing everyone whatever will stop further questions and convince them, or just say that I went to heaven. Please help also Judas as some angry followers might threaten his life after my "crucifixion" tomorrow. Before I leave I will come to see you for the last meal. See you.



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