Big Brother

Heil Google Google has proven their superior attitude over us, the mere mortals. They can objectively judge and censor Internet. Google knows, what material is objectionable and should be removed from the Internet. They can also advise governments like Thailand how Internet works, and make it safe and great place for all of us to surf. Thanks to Google's great guidance we do not have to worry any more about our privacy either. They kindly distribute our information to their business associates so that we can enjoy their superior products and services instead of buying some bad crap from malicious competitors. As Microsoft has educated us, competition is bad. It can lead to communism and loss of our information capital.

There will be no longer wrong opinions in the Internet. This will warrant an enjoyable surfing experience. Chinese people have been pioneers in testing their new, great services. They do not need to read some biased and wrong opinions any more about Tibet and other god forsaken places that should have been nuked long time ago. Soon this superior New Great Wall of China technology will be applied to all to protect us from harmful competitors and wrong opinions. Thank God for Google. Amen!

Google helps our great leaders to win the war on terror and kill all dissidents and other infidels. They will give all our e-mail, blog, instant messaging and video submission information to the greatest government of them all, the U.S. The country is well-known for its strict and confident policies of processing private information, and especially respecting the privacy of all people in the world who have correct opinions. Soon all terrorists will be killed, and the pigeon of peace can land again on earth. What a wonderful world Google is making for us!

Click here and see for yourself:

Zen Devils managed to salvage the video before they deleted it:

Here is a new video celebrating the new Big Brother™ of Internet:

Let´s see how long this will be permitted in the Google You Tube. You can check it from here:

Google, Google ├╝ber alles. Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil Google!

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