Terrorism Is A Personal Feeling

Terrorism feeds on fear. Fear is a personal feeling that can only be dealt with individually. A nation cannot be afraid, but its leaders can easily infect people with their personal fear. The history has already proven that in the UK and USA. They are the current #1 terror targets in the world. It's their irrational reactions to terror threats, such as counter-attacks, that keep spreading even more fear. By aggressive reactions they have made themselves ever more valuable targets to future terrorist attacks.

What Is Terrorism?

What is 'terrorism' depends completely on perspective. The invasion of Iraq is terrorism for Iraqi people. Nato murdering civilians in Afghanistan is terrorism for Afghans who loose their loved ones and friends. From individual perspective all wars, every killing, and even spreading fear is terrorism.

Making peace by killing people is the worst kind of terrorism. Revenging, killing people, intimidation, and making threats increase fear instead of reducing it. The current happenings in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Palestine, Lebanon, and North Korea are primary examples of actions that are blinded by fear. The only way to end the madness is to stop revenging, killing people and making threats, and instead pursue reconciliation and peace. This naturally requires a great deal of fearless courage, and someone has to take the first step for break-out. Gandhi represented a great and successful example of such a peaceful action against aggression.

The whole concept of 'war on terror' that the UK and USA have introduced, is absurd. War spreads terror, and terrorism is just one war tactic. Therefore the whole phrase 'war of terror' actually means war on war, or terrorism on terrorism.

The Realm Of Fear

When you are afraid of something you might unconsciously make it happen. Today many people nurture fear of terrorism. In fact they are so afraid that this fear changes their everyday lives. For example Muslims prepare themselves to face harassment, tourists avoid Bali, and international flight regulations go haywire.

Terrorist organizations are more likely to attack those who fear most, as it makes them more vulnerable to terrorist attacks. According to George W. Bush, attacking, invading other countries and killing people are needed. Not doing so, says Mr. Bush, would be a sign of weakness. I believe, quite on the contrary, that using force is the ultimate sign of weakness. Those who cannot talk, fight. And he who hits first, has already lost as the only way to win a war is to restrain from fighting.

A person who does not feel fear cannot be terrorized. He may actually seem a bit frightening as he is different from other people. He takes things as they are, and does not try to protect himself and seek confidence against all possible mishaps. An extreme form of this are suicide bombers. The self-sacrifice of the bomb carriers is non-understandable to Westerners. Why is someone sacrificing the only thing that really matters in life: life itself?

Death is the deepest of all our fears. What more irreversible could happen than dying? In general, death motivates our lives and gives us a direction: to survive. Societies are based on the idea of preserving life as long as possible, and by all means. They rely on individuals who value life the same way, over everything else, even over lives of other people in other nations. And that constitutes a great dilemma. How can anyone's life be more valuable than someone else's?

Fear Is Personal

According to my opinion terrorism becomes irrelevant without fear of death. Try to consider the life of all other people infinitely more valuable than yours, and at the same time your own life totally worthless. Then assume everyone else doing the same without actually caring is it that way in the reality or not.

Every single person who has been infected with the fear of terrorism carries an important role in fighting against terrorism. The fight is ultimately against oneself. One has to conquer personal fears to be free from terrorism. There is nowhere to go and hide, there is no security on earth that could be bought with money nor property providing any confidence in life. It is only when people have dealt with their fears that they will be compelled to elect fearless leaders. They will eventually lead nations out from the vicious circle of fear.

When will you deal with your fears to win your personal war on terror?

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