New poster graphics: Vote republicans, Nato, Putin, and RATzinger

Republican party is the greatest party of the world's greatest nation, the United States, you know. And USA has given birth and power to the greatest leader of the whole wide world, Mr. George Walker Bush (Walker like the Walker from Texas, the karate dude, you know). Now there are more than 300.000.000 Americans who fully agree on this matter, you know. There is only one person who disagreed and claimed the Iraq strategy is "Arrogant and Stupid", but he has already apologized for his meaningless existence, you know.

So every American must vote for Republicans as they bring peace for the whole world, you know. 300 million Americans simply cannot be wrong, you know. The statistics of about 0.5 million dead Iraqi civilians are mass distraction from the republic truth of about 5.142, you know. Don't believe all the shit you read, especially if it's written by Hans Blix or some other UN a$$holes, you know. The Americans will never sign any treaties as they rule the world, they shall simply prevail, you know. May the true God bless all Americans, no matter if they are arrogant and stupid, or not, you know. Hallelujah, you know!

Editor's note: Perhaps the rest of the world should build a wall around the US to contain their madness and aggression. And ban the use of phrase "you know".


Catholic Cardinal RATzinger, nowadays also known as Pope Benedictus, has been making, approving, and endorsing the policy of protecting pedophiles inside Catholic church. I made this picture to commemorate those thousands of children that RATzinger is indirectly molesting and has molested.

Vatican is rumored to open their secret child porno archives at any time to balance their budget and finance illicit law suits (Vatican Secret Archives). The World Pedophile Association welcomes Vatican's brave move to come out of closet.

Editor's note: Catholic church is as evil as any other religion, and greed for money, but that does not justify molesting children and protecting child molesters.


Russia's latest Tzar, Mr. Putin has desperately tried to live up to expectations of such great Russian leaders as Mr. Stalin and Peter the Great. The beginning was quite meek. He succeeded in terminating just a little nation called Tsetsenia, which could hardly qualify as a genocide. But the Beslan school bloodshed was a step towards the right direction and Putin finally proved that he has no respect for human life.

After putting Mr. Mikhail Khodorkovsky aside and confiscating his oil company Yukos, as Mikhail was a political threat, Putin continued with Shell. However, Shell is still shamefully alive and kicking. The latest but not the least accomplishment of our hero was termination of Anna Politkovskaya, a loud-mouthed journalist bitch from Moscow. Putin seems to continue cleaning up Russian nation of everyone who does not agree with him, and maybe including also EU that is - according to Mr. Putin - ever so stupid.

Editor's note: Putin will continue killing both people and companies unless Russians will revolt against him.

NATO (Necrophile Assassins Tactless Organization)

NATO (Necrophile Assassins Tactless Organization) is currently fighting a holy war in Afghanistan against Islam and other false religions. The immediate target is to kill all women and children so that they don't produce any more terrorists and other Muslims.

The German troops of NATO have taken the special responsibility of performing necrophile actions to scare the enemy by kissing enemy skulls and screwing their skeletons. This used to be a well-known SS-tactics already before F├╝hrer Mercel's (the Chancellor) 4th Reich.

Editor's note: NATO is a historic, useless relic that should be dismissed as it's misused by USA.

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