Looney Planet

Looney Planet

Looney Planet Forum Guide for Other-Than-Dummies

The postings in the travelers' Thorn Tree forum are usually lukewarm. However, sometimes the discussion gets heated and it is difficult to understand messages because of the deep angst of their writers.

Here is a little dictionary to help you to put some of the most popular comments in context. You will see the Looney Planet expressions on left-hand column, and the translation on the right-hand side.

Looney PlanetThe World Outside
get a lifeI disagree and, furthermore, I'm afraid that your opinions may be harmful to my businesses in the country in question
You are a guest in their countryYou shouldn't criticize anything, especially if your opinions are wrong
Go awayI am unfortunately an imbecile or just verbally impaired, but I do disagree for a reason that I am not able to spell out
toleranceI'm a tolerant person and therefore I refrain from expressing any opinions whatsoever
WeThis is supposed to make an impression that the person speaks for everybody, but in reality it means his/her side persons only
Thai Visa web siteThey have not sent ANY SPAM IN 3 YEARS to one member of this forum so don´t dare to challenge this fact of all facts
I/We don't want to meet youI expect that everyone would be grateful if they could meet with me as I am such a splendid person, but I punish you and say I don´t want to meet you because I disagree with you
For God's sake go back into therapyI am out of words, please forgive me. What I mean is fuck off. PS. I have already finished my therapy, I am not Schizo, really not, you better believe me!
it's YOU I objectI fail to separate issues from people and take everything personally, so please try to understand me
You are a twatI somewhat disagree
obnocious and distorted outlook on lifeI dare to say we have a difference of opinion here.
to build supportto make multiple logins for yourself so that you can support your own opinions better
stayaway from shit you obviously don't understandI would like to explain to you if I knew my self / if I could, but I can´t
you came back out of hidingIf you don´t read and reply to the forum many times per day the forum addicts will immediately think you went to hide and stopped writing.
ZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzI just run out of dirty words, too
you are living in a fantasy worldmy world view is somewhat different from yours
When are you going to go away?I have already used all my words so here comes a sentence I once saw someone else write to me
stupidI'm so full of hate that I will soon burst
Can somebody call in a favor with a Thai or Khmer gang and get this ass whackedI have a slightly different opinion
offensiveSomeone has not refrained from presenting criticism. Shame on him/her!
Would you not just like to smack the fat bastard straight in the face, i really hope that i meet him so i canI am big and bad, you better agree with me!
Must keep track of their movements and inform my buddies in the street gangsI disagree strongly
anyone not even partially agrees with youIf nobody else agrees with you then your opinions are for sure wrong

These entries were contributed by nicknames Batfish, nomorethan20letters, jg06328, Raisuli, Khunwilko, wayne 16, Emperor_Tud, Biggles, ticotim, JakartaBoy, ribblerat, klaush, dantilley, and Muzzman. Many thanks for their irreplaceable help.

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