Time is timeAccording to the physics time is relative. It is relative to speed, and it can theoretically stop or go backward. If you move at the speed of light time will stop, and if you move faster than light you will travel back in time.

In economics time is money, but money is not necessarily time. To get money you have to give away some of your time. And to give away time you must 1) believe in time, and 2) delay your needs for the future good that you can buy with the money you earn. The only problem in this equation is that you always have to sell more time than you can buy. You actually buy time when you buy e.g. a train ticket. It will save you time because you can travel faster. However, you always have to sell more time to be able to buy less time. So your time balance is negative, and you end up wasting your time for little gain if any. And at the end of the day it is all an illusion you work for, and buy.

Religious time is relative to the religion and the country where you happen to be. For example in Thailand, which is a buddhist country, the new year that just began is 2550. Muslims live currently year 1427. Both years are related to religious things happening at the year 0 (or year 1 as zero cannot really exist in time). Jewish year is 5767. And Gregorian year in Russia is 2007, but it started a bit later than Julian year. The Julian calender suggests that we are living currently the year 2007. Depending on your religion and region, you can have your own year accordingly, or just invent whatever you like as I do: for me this year is 2 AZD.

I consider time as a delusion that forces us away from the current moment, and directs us to a delayed fulfillment of our needs. You cannot be happy now, unless you sacrifice your happiness today for your future happiness. If you stop believing in time, you loose your compatiblity with the surrounding society and other people. Without calendar seeing friends is close to impossible, at least in Finland.

After I stopped believing in time, I began to have all the time in the world, and my world became timeless. It is a great feeling. Just stick to this moment and realize that not history nor future exists outside the delusion of time. If you even feel you are in a hurry or you lack time, try to tell yourself that it is just a feeling implanted to you when you were child. Then you might be able to grab the same timeless momentum you enjoyed in your childhood, and free yourself from the curse of time.

My current year is 2 after loosing the delusion of time, so it is 2 AZD (Anno Zen Devil), or 4242 AD; it is all the same.

Happy New Year!

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