You must be wondering what this text is. You will find it out when you finish reading it. Yes, you will read it, completely, just like you read the title and the first two sentences. The incident that happened to you some time ago, was not a coincidence. Nothing in this world is coincidental.

I know exactly who you are, and what will happen to you as I read your thoughts like an open book. You don´t believe me? A penny for your thoughts is a penny for nothing. I´ll prove it to you. Think about a number between 1 and 10, but don´t say it loud. Are you ready? Good.

Add to the number you chose the amount of months in one year, 12. Then add the amount of hours in one day, 24. And then add to the number the amount of minutes in one hour, 60. I am present in every single second of your life and your misfortune depends on me. If you multiply number 13, which is the most unlucky number, by seven, which is your new lucky number, you will get 91. Subtract that 91 now from your number. Then subtract the number you thought first and finally subtract 4, as there are four seasons in one year.

The number you are now thinking is the number of options you have, it is exactly one (1). You will finish reading this text and follow it precisely in every year, season, month, hour, and minute, because your happiness and bad luck depend purely on me as you have just learned.

I command you: be happy.

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