I was enlightened

I was walking to a bus station. The plan was to visit some friends. While walking I was wondering is there still a long way to walk. I did not have a map. Then I suddenly realized that the question was totally irrelevant. Next I realized that it was as irrelevant as life itself. Everything is a mere delusion, no-thing, totally empty. It was only my fear of death that had kept me from seeing it.

I believe that the meaning of life is simply: "life is". Declaring or defining its meaning further is absurd. Life is like a movie you watch. Movies begin and end, they are not born or will not die. Similarly life just is and people as well. Even '42' is a valid answer to the meaning of life, as long as the question is left aside.

The key question is: what will happen to you when you will die? Death is the primary driver in human life. You can try to answer the question or make yourself immortal, but at the end of the day it will keep you away from seizing the moment and living life just as it is.

Writing this blog is really absurd. Languages include presumptions and assumptions that make them useless in explaining enlightenment or telling anyone where to seek. The big question remains: what drives me to write this blog and share my thoughts? And what drives you to read it? If you have an answer please let me know. I don´t. If you wish to join writing this blog please email me.

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