Google sent us the following e-mail.

Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2008 06:15:36 -0800
Subject: Your Picasa Web Albums Content
From: Picasa Web Albums

Please be advised that we have recently received reports that inappropriate content has been posted to your Picasa Web Albums account. One or more photos displayed in your gallery violates our Program Policies and has been removed.

Our Policies state that images displayed on cannot contain obscenity, pornography, promotions of hate, incitement of violence, or spam, malicious code, or viruses. Please note that if you continue to violate these Program Policies, we may suspend your Picasa Web Albums account.

To read more about our Program Policies and Terms of Service, please visit

Thank you for your cooperation.

And here are some of the "removed" graphics so you can think by yourself and form freely your own opinion about Google and its actions.

Google is not a Nazi company, that's a stupid lie, really!! Or the following was surely "obscenity".


Or, oh well, so you could not just remove that one but you had to camouflage the action by ripping away some other pictures, too. By the way, how your users react to you deleting their content, without prior warning, and without permission?

Google knows better how to save the world, they are almost like, no, they are The God. Was the following graphics perhaps "malicious code"?

Save The World

Holy Shit

Great Google can separate evil from good and knows when mass murdering is justified, like for example in Afghanistan. Oh wait, the next removed graphics must have been "incitement of violence" as only USA know what is true peace and how to achieve it.

Senior Al Qaida operative

I want you

And finally the greatest sacrilege of them all. That had to be the "promotions of hate".

Son of a Bush

"Don't you have any feelings, you monsters. Think all those thousands that have been murdered in Iraq and Afghanistan in the name of democracy. Shame on you!"

Happy birthday Osama

Osama 1 - Bush 0.

Or maybe just spam a la Google. Maybe they should go back to pick their noses and stop patronising Internet users. We are, no matter how hard it is to accept, quite capable for thinking by ourselves, thank you.


Anonymous said...

Check these out:







Google just ridiculed themselves big time. Have not made up my mind yet which is more stupid: Finland or Google.

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