Finland has agreed with Thailand for co-operation to tackle child pornography once and for all. The co-operation will in the beginning include Internet censorship technology transfer and later Thailand will start reporting all the numerous Finnish child sex tourists visiting regularly Thailand to the Finnish authorities.

Finnish officials said there has been minor technical problems such as the picture of Thailand's King Bumiphol and all the photos of President Halonen with her unshaven moustache and hairy legs can not be currently viewed in Finland. Both countries are working together for a solution and emphasize the huge benefits gained from silencing the dissidents and other terrorists beating all the downsides.

A Finnish police genius writing the block list commented: "Now we can choose only proper and true content to be shown to our nationals and remove all lies including Finnish war crimes, our alleged WWII concentration camps in East Karelia, as well the partnership with Nazis to invade lame Russia. This is a glorious day for the New Brave Finland and our great American friends. Together we will crush the evil Afghans and anyone who dares to oppose us."


Anonymous said...

Sä Suomi, yks pahimmista olet,
saatat häpeään kansakunnan lapset,
mielivallan ja kuoleman tuoja,
synnyinmaani, et ole enää suoja

Lippus tahrautuu viattomain vereen,
järkes sumenee sensuurin mereen,
sinut naapuris maahan tallokoon,
ja rauha Pohjolaan palatkoon.

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