Here is an example of an clearly, obvious internet terror message. Let´s investigate it so that you will learn the process and join US and UK in war on terror.

An Internet Terror Message

Scotland Yard investigation:

  • Green Mercedes is used solely by terrorists, it´s a clear sign.
  • Al-Qaida is known to buy cars, so this attack is clearly linked to Al-Qaida.
  • Fuel is used as explosive. We should react to this new threat and tow away all cars that have fuel in tanks from all city centres.
  • The terrorist uses world gasoline, so he must have studied in the US and therefore he is a close friend of the Big Chief Osama Bin Laden.
  • Gas is used as explosive. We should treat from now on all campers as terror suspects.
  • Bolts and nuts are to cause maximum damage and kill people, let´s ban them both.
  • The target is clearly a crowded downtown of London.
  • There is a detonator in the car: the matches. In the dash board they will heat from sun and finally cause explosion. What a devious plan of terror this is!
  • He goes to pray. We all know that only Muslims and other infidels pray, so this terrorist has to be a Muslim separatist radical extremist from Al-Qaida.
  • The terrorist is clearly planning on detonating the bomb remotely with mobile phone. Why else would he leave it to car?
  • So, let´s arrest and deliver to Guantanamo bay all Muslism and campers, tow away all cars with "fuel" inside, and ban the sales of nuts and bolts, matches, mobile phones, and green mercedes cars.

Our people are not afraid so the terrorists have failed. If they were afraid they would not come in from of BBC TV cameras to say that "we are not afraid, terrorists did not prevail" and show-off how cool they are ... Let´s increase the troop levels in Afghanistan and Iraq, and send also that chicken-Prince to fight for the glorious Millennium Crusade.

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