Finlandsky summer cottage province

It´s funny how some countries never learn. During the World War II Finland attacked to Russia with the Nazis, and tried to build Great Finland. Finns assisted in killing Jewish people. Now Finland is again demonstrating its dark side in Afghanistan and helping the modern axis of evil.

Zhirinovsky is absolutely right. Finland has beautiful nature and thousands of lakes. And those lakesides are best for summer cottages. He was not wrong either when he talked about summer, as Finland is not really a place to be in the winter. It´s very cold and people are just drinking heavily and killing each other.

Let´s hope that Russian politician Zhirinovsky will execute his plan of making Finland a summer cottage area for Russians. This would prevent the massacre in Afghanistan: Finnish and other soldiers are carelessly killing Afghan civilians (according to President Karzai of Afghanistan) and committing war crime by invading a sovereign country. Help to save Afghanistan, support Zhirinovsky!

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Hevoskastanja said...

Pravdaa stalinin koiralle

Ime sika isäsi palleja ja nai naapurin karhukoiraa perseeseen

Sellainen kommari-Ryssälän disinfo ryssänhäntäheikki olet että pistin perseeseesi ja piippalakki päähäsi istumaan kusiaispesään

Pravda ... perseenpyyhkinnän jälkeen salaatiksesi

Ystäväsi Seppo Lehto Tampere

Anonymous said...

What´s he saying?

Anonymous said...

He´s a nigger living in Finland and he want to promote more refugees, especially from Africa and Russia, and place them to a town called Hervanta. He is also asking everyone to vote for him in a parliamentary election. And the great Russian politician Tsirinovsky is his big-time idol.

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