Google sucks

Have you noticed how Google has started to suck in the past 2 months or so?

We had to terminate Google books service because they failed to update changes to the settings of the service in one month´s time. It was pointing to a web site that did not exist anymore. Their support refused to give any information, and finally failed to even close the service within the time they promised to do it. They seem to be somehow screening manually all the changes to make sure there are no wrong opinions. Wish they would do it with Google You Tube which publishes illegal material, but screen the changes of web sites of book publishers? They seem to have lost a bolt or two.

The Gmail has not been the same, either. There has been way too many difficulties in reaching the service lately, and it´s quite ofter offering just a non-functional html-version with stupid excuses about high traffic. Not to mention that there are huge delays in receiving mail anywhere outside Gmail, and some is quite probably lost as well.

Oh, and this blogger service. It´s no use to tell that it´s Google´s service as well. People were forced to move to a badly working new version, which has actually all the same flaws as the older version: technical support is just an arrogant, automated e-mail claiming that they are too popular to help anyone, and there is still no way to give users a list of all posting in a blog ... sigh.

Very sad, indeed. Not to mention their flag ship product: The Google Search. Try to for example find this site from their search and rate their service by yourself: Google finds only 2 pages, but according to their Blogger service there is 38 individual posts. Or maybe the opinions are too false for the great Google?

Firstly Google betrayed their users by squealing their customers to the paranoid U.S. officials and now they have begun to suck technically, too. Let´s see how fast they will remove this obviously wrong opinion from their blog service and search ... die google die, or get real!

P.S. Even this blog entry ended up to their censorship and has not yet been released to public, 2 hours after it was written. Shame.

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