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Welcome to the Amazing Web ShopWelcome to the Amazing Web Shop, the market leader of virtually all virtual businesses in the whole wide world (www™). What we don't have, you don't need. We give you full money back guarantee (*) of all your purchases.

Our exclusive Internet-only offerings include:

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Web-to-Mail sample Web-to-Mail sampleWith our superior Web-to-Mail service your can surf the Internet truly safely, and archive the pages you have visited easily. Simply send us the URL (web address) you are interested in, and we will mail you back the page printed in color, and adequately censored from adult content, viruses and other harmful things. Remember, there is only a limited amount of paper in the world left. Order yours right away!

  • Price: -25%
  • Delivery time: 2 days to 2 months
  • Warranty: 20 times of use
  • Conditions: apply

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    Order your wonderful mail-web pages now, and we will give you every second page free as long as there is paper left in the world.

    Please choose the express delivery if you wish to increase your surfing speed.


    Sample Diploma of LifeHave you ever wondered about your life? Or has someone told you to get a life? We have a perfect solution. Let us be your life-keepers and order your Life Diploma today! Next time someone tells you to get a life, you can show him the diploma and prove that you already got one, and make the other person embarrassed in front of all other people. In the dark and shady moments of your life you can go to your happy place by simply taking your diploma in your hands and holding it close to your chest. Cool, eh?

  • Price: -50%
  • Delivery time: 2 days to lifetime
  • Warranty: lifetime
  • Conditions: depend on you
  • Now only -50%
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    Order yours now, or someone else will have the life you have longed for.

    We cannot ship more lives than our weekly quota allows, so better be quick and order now!

    TIP: You can sell your old life away in eBay to finance your new life!

    Sex Tourist Certificate

    Sample certificate of Sex TouristThe confusion is over. People have talked ages around the world how to define who is a sex tourist, how to spot them, and how to become one. We have made a solution for everyone that will wipe the confusion out from the face of earth. It's called Sex Tourist Certificate. You can use this certificate in bars and whorehouses for instant discounts, and by showing it to visa officials you will get unlimited visas to sex tourist heavens. Simply order your certificate now and we will mail it to you in days. Do it now and be a man!

  • Price: -10%
  • Delivery time: 2 days to 3 months
  • Warranty: 2 trips to Thailand or Brazil
  • Conditions: do not apply
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    Order your sex tourist cerficate now and we will give you a water-proof holder with a secret condom pocket for free. Please note that there is only a limited amount of sex in the world. Only the fastest will get some!

    NB: Currently available for men only!

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